Griggs Pedigree Chart

This pedigree chart lists all of the known direct ancestors of James LaVerne "Vern" Griggs, showing all of the branches of his ancestral family.

The earliest-known person known to have used the Griggs surname is Sir John Griggs, Sr., who was born in about 1410 in Suffolk County, England--about 100 miles northeast of London.

One branch of his ancestral family has been traced by professional genealogists through his Dewey/Morse ancestors. Trace that ine by following the people with the (*+) after their name and it will take you back through Kings, Dukes, Bishops and other royalty (including Charlemagne, the Emporer of the Holy Roman Empire) to about 79 B.C.

To trace Vern's other ancestors, follow the people with the (*) after their name. To return to the beginning, click "Home" in the upper-left-hand corner of each page.

Gary Griggs
202 Sugar Loaf Lane
Murrells Inlet, SC 29576

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