Griggs and Pergande Ancestors

This report contains all of the known ancestors in our branches of the Griggs and Pergande families that settled in and around Tomah in Monroe County, Wisconsin, in the mid- to late-1800's.

This tree does not contain all of our relatives--particularly those in recent generations. Rather, it highlights the families of past generations.

The tree is shaped like an inverted pyramid, growing broader as it extends back in time to include all of the various families that have come together to form the Griggs Family of Wisconsin. This is our true Family Tree.

To trace our direct ancestors up and down our family tree, follow those persons with a "(*)" after their name.

One branch of the Griggs ancestors, the Dewey ancestral chain, goes back through English, Belgian, French and German royalty--including several Emperors, Counts, Princes and Kings. Charlemagne, the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, is part of that branch. To trace back to the earliest known ancestors in that branch, follow the people that have a "(*+)" following their name.

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